1. Public Policy Development
Kafka’s The Trial should not be required reading to help you navigate governments’ regulatory, legislative or consultation processes. That said, sometimes change takes time…and a map. Mark will work with you and your team to co-design and implement effective stakeholder and government relations plans that

  • identify the people involved in your opportunity or issue;
  • define a path to the result you want;
  • seek insight from those who can help (or hinder) your plan;
  • build relationships for collaboration or partnership; and
  • measure progress toward achieving your goal(s).

2. Policy Research and Analysis
You have an idea, but you need evidence to make it stick. Mark is powered by research.  He uses evidence and his extensive experience to develop tailored briefing notes, evaluation summaries, environmental scans and literature reviews for organizations. He combines novel search methods with informant interviews to develop a deep understanding of the environment in which public policies are developed and to appropriately identify and evaluate the supporters and resistors to desired policy changes.

3. Facilitation and Training
You have a toolbox full of tools, but none of them came with instructions. Mark is inspired by art and driven by design. Based on extensive research and practice, he can help you choose the right tool for the right audience, and help you develop policy development or government relations skills that will help you reach your objectives.

A sought-after speaker, Mark has developed a new curriculum – Public Policy by Design™ – which combines design management theory and practice with traditional methods of public policy development. Mark is available to deliver any or all 12 modules of Public Policy by Design™ to organizations or develop customized workshops for clients.

Drawing on 30-years’ of governance experience as a volunteer on pan-Canadian advisory committees and community boards, Mark can also help your team use design thinking methods to explore options and find solutions as part of your strategic or operational planning process.


Contact to discuss how he can support your public policy objectives or design a customized learning event in the following policyLoupe® practice areas: Health; Mental Health; Science Policy; Social Innovation; Skills Development; Governance; Canada’s Competitiveness; Research and Development; Pharmaceutical Policy

How We Work with You

I. Design for Direction

Following an initial meeting aimed at understanding your goals or objectives, we will develop a draft plan summarizing our understanding of your needs, the context in which your objectives can be developed and recommend the timelines over which we foresee specific milestones being reached.

Depending on the status of your vision, strategy or plan, we can conduct policy research, in-depth environmental scans, analyses and/or syntheses to provide you with further insight on the stakeholders involved in your policy opportunity or issue and the recommended path toward achieving the result you want.

II. Design for Results

We will always create a realistic plan identifying the resources required to achieve the ideal result and will work with you to determine whether or not the plan, as conceived, fits within your timeline and budget.

Once a plan is agreed to, we will identify proposed internal and external stakeholders you should work with as well as communications channels you may use to reinforce your key messages.

We will also continuously monitor all external communications efforts and the overall environment, and recommend any needed adjustments to the plan.